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although I haven't done anything on here since my one journal and me making the original group account, today I added two useful widgets.
as well as the "huski fans group" box, we now have the "statistics" box. it provides statistics.
I also added a "newest members" widget.

I hope this does something in some way
it's 1:00 AM here :thumbsup:

and next time we need one, I make the new icon

good day sirs, and best of luck to Huski, who's been grouchy going through some tough times recently.
MileyMouse Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011
we won't need a new icon, because the one huski just made cannot be outclassed by any other drawing.

And, I kept the frontpage clean with as little widgets as possible so it's not raping the page.

You might want to try discussing these things on the admin forum of this group before deciding everything by yourself.
Aaron-The-Hybrid Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011
well, I only did one thing

and all I was saying about the icon was that you made this one and the last one
so I would like to make the next one.
as long as huski is around, she'll make better art

and also I didn't know anyone still did anything on here other than adding more stuff to the collections
so uh yeah
I think I did more good than bad here
besides, we have only 3 admins
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Submitted on
February 12, 2011